18 August, 2016 06:14

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SAEED GHANI OF PPPP said that there is no difference what Khursheed Shah and Aetzaz Ahsan are saying both are working on lines of the party. He said that the government wants top replace the law of 1956 and Khursheed Shah is in the favor of the change. He said that the government can not back off from its stance if it does so the family of Nawaz Sharif will be in big trouble. He said that there is clear evidence that Nawaz Sharif has sent money abroad in an illegal way.

He said that PPPP whom chairman is Balawal and Zardari is its leader will stick with the decision of the opposition parties. He said that if the government does not forms the TORs with the consultation of the opposition parties PPPP will be on the road and one or two more parties will also join us. He said that PPPP and PTI have common stance on Panama Leaks. He said that the government should first confess its crime and then PPPP can think of giving amnesty to Nawaz Sharif. He said that Asad Umer is right o say that the government has done nothing about Panama Leaks so far.

He said that there will be a revival of PPPP in Punjab after the elections of 2018. He said that first time in the history PPPP has dissolved its standing committees and is going to inject new people and things will be improved.

RANA SANA ULLAH OF PML-N said that the new law should be such that everybody should be regulated automatically. He said that whoever has committed the crime should not be pardoned. He said that there are two categories of the people one who earned illegal money and the other who earned the money legal way but took it abroad in an illegal manner. He said that amnesty should be given to the people that fall in the second category.

He said that Panama Leaks or any other thing Imran Khan will continue to behave in the manner he is doing. He said that after the elections of 2018 the nation will get rid of Imran Khan.

ASAD UMER OF PTI said that taking abroad legally earned money without the permission of the state bank is illegal. He said that the people that took their money abroad are big shot and educated people they knew everything. He said that looking at the case makes it very clear that the money was taken away illegally. He said that Captain Safdar Never paid any taxes his tax return is zero. He said that the case against Shahbaz Sharif is clear but he does not know about Hamza Shahbaz. He said that Maryam Nawaz owns more than one companies according to Panama Leaks.

He said that seven amnesty schemes have been announced in Pakistan and all of them failed. He said that the billionaires of Pakistan are caught red handed but they have not come forward of their own to probe.

He said that he asked to include Panama Leaks in the parliamentary finance committee that has not been done as yet. He said that last week he asked the same question and he was told that Panama Leaks issue has been handed over to a sub committee but it was not in his knowledge.

He said that the nation will get rid of Imran Khan in 2018 or not it will be known in 2018. He said that the details of Panama Leaks have nothing to do with the politics.

He said that nobody should be allowed to talk about the extension of the army chief.