14 October, 2016 09:32







ABDUL QADIR BALOCH OF PML-N said that chief justice statement is very strong and he is thinking if he has right to comment on political matter. He said that CJ has said that there no democracy in the country it is monarchy and people should stand up against it. He said that CJ statement is harder than PTI statements. He said that where did CJ get the right to give such a strong statement. He said that the projects are planned according to the requirements. He said that fifteen years ago everybody was criticizing motorway project but nobody talks about it. He said that China is directly investing on Orange Line project.

He said that whoever leaked the information of the meeting between the government and the military brass is responsible but who decided to publish it is also responsible. He said that Ch Nisar has said that he has ordered the investigations of the Dawn news matter we should wait for its outcome.

ASAD UMER OF PTI said that CJ has given his statement according to the constitution. He said that CJ is seeing that constantly decisions against the constitution are being made. He said that if our institutions including SC would have been working nobody was going to respond to the call of Dharna of Imran Khan. He said that Orange Line project is not being set through direct investment from China but through loan. He said that if ten percent interest will be charged on the loan for Orange Train Pakistan will pay rupees sixteen billion per year. He said that the government will pay rupees twenty five billion every year after the completion of the Orange Line Project. He said that fifty one percent of the Punjab budget is being spent on Lahore only in last five years. He said that the federal government has released the funds for the twice as many projects in Punjab as compare to KPK. He said that state bank has stated that seven billion dollars have been sent to other countries in lat three years and illegal remittance is not included in it.

He said that it is not possible that the news of the meeting is not leaked by some top government personal. He said that the government itself has given the news about General Rizwan to the world media that he put the name of the journalist in the ECL. He said that Dawn News and Cyril Almeida can be hold responsible if the news is not true.

SHEHLA RAZA OF PPPP said that today CJ statement is tough for Abdul Qadir Baloch but during PPPP government PML-N used to say that PM Gillani should resign and come back if he is clean. He said that memo gate case also Nawaz Sharif went to the court wearing the coat. She said that one hundred sixty five billion rupees are being spent on Orange Train Project its NOC as been rejected and historical monuments are being destroyed. He said that sometimes the government says that the Orange Train Project is part of Cpek sometime says it is not. She said that the government spent billions of rupees on Danish schools in Punjab and Roti scheme failed too. She said that Ramzan sugar mill, Nandipur Project and metro bus Projects records have been torched.

She said that there is no audit done of the two hundred billion rupees that were given to Karachi and the whole money was not spent either.

She said that PML-N media cell is very organized how the news of the meeting was leaked should be investigate.

She said that Britain freed Altaf Hussain because Pakistan interior ministry did not provide enough evidence to convict him.

KHALID MAQBOOL SIDDIQI OF MQM PAKISTAN said that Pakistan needs to spend money on energy projects and fighting against the terrorism. He said that only two hundred billion rupees were given to Karachi in the government of Musharaf but some people are still crying about it. He said that the government gave ninety billion rupees for the development of Larkana but the city is looking like Mohenjo-Daro. He said that he heard that Dubai real estate market was gone up by the money of Larkana development.

He said that the conflict of the institutions is unfortunate for the country and the matter should be investigated that how the news was leaked.

He said that money laundering case was going to be over against Altaf Hussain. He said that money laundering allegation was not on Altaf Hussain only but on the whole organization.