19 October, 2016 06:30







DR MOSADIQ MALIK OF PML-N said that PM mentioned many projects of development in his speech. He said that PM talking about dance and Dugdugi in the jalsas of Imran Khan was a correct thing. He said that PTI is drumming the Dugdugi and they are the one dancing on it. He said that PTI has gone to the court on Panama Leaks as well they should wait for the outcome.

He said that news to DAWN NEWS was not leaked it was wrong. He said that ISPR has not accused anyone for the leakage of the news to DAWN. He said that the issue of the leakage of the news to DAWN NEWS is under investigation and soon the name of the person behind will be revealed. He said that Ch Nisar is investigating the DAWN NEWS matter and he will reach to the bottom of the issue.

SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI OF PTI said that the tone Nawaz Sharif used in his speech shows that he is under immense pressure of PTI. He said that there is one section in PML-N that says do not let PTI come to Islamabad and arrest them. He said that the other section of PML-N says that protest is the democratic right of PTI let them come to Islamabad. He said that if Nawaz Shari9f has the courage he should tell that who is beating the Dugdugi and PTI is dancing on it. He said that it is quite possible that Javed Hashmi said many things against PTI on the advice of PML-N.

He said that the relationship between the army and the government is not rosy that is why the army chief met with the PM again and it was a long meeting. He said that t he institutions have reached to the bottom that who is responsible for the leakage of the news to DAWN NEWS. He said that the institutions have said to the PM that he should reveal the names of the responsible himself and should not leave it on them. He said that the important thing is not that what the news is but who leaked it. He said that everybody knows that how many people were in the meeting and who can leak it. He said that in camera meeting means that the content of the revelation of the news to the people is not in the interest of the country.

SAEED GHANI OF PTI said that Javed Hashmi also talked about the Dugdugi of General Pasha there must be some truth behind it. He said that many things happened during the dharna that can not be ignored. He said that in one of the TV show Mian Mahmood Rasheed of PTI himself said that because of the dharna the court will take the notice of chaos and will ask the military to act.

He said that DAWN NEWS is firm that there is news is correct. He said that Rana Afzal of PML-N has said that same thing in the standing committee of the senate. He said that the leakage of the meeting of the government and the institutions is very dangerous thing.