26 October, 2016 06:21







MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR OF PML-N said that the attack in Quetta is very sad nobody said that fewer attacks are taking place now it is all right. He said that the only that is right is that the security situation is much better at this time.

He said that there is huge difference between the civilian supremacy in India and Pakistan the military has taken over power thrice in Pakistan.

FAWAD CH OF PTI said that nine eleven happened in America they destroyed half of the world. He said that the government and the security institutions should tell that how the terrorists reached to Quetta police training centre. He said that the government has not made NECTA effective our security agencies keep their information to themselves.

He said that Nawaz Sharif invited Modi to his home in order to improve relationship with India and destroyed his policy. He said that the military does not stop the government from police and Madrassa reforms that have not been done. He said that as long police station will not be powerful and secure the security issue can not be resolved.

GENERAL AJAZ AWAN DEFENSE ANALYST said that Quetta attack is the failure of the government and the security agencies. He said that police personals had completed their training and they were called back to the academy someone has informed the terrorists about it.

He said that it is said that the military makes the decisions he will like to ask that the PM is incharge of the army chief or army chief of the PM? He said that Nawaz Sharif is the most experienced PM of Pakistan if the military is running then foreign policy of the country then he should go home. He said that more than hundred terrorist whom appeal against the death penalty is at the table of the president is it military that is stopping him to take any decision.

He said that the military, ISI and IB should be hold responsible for the Quetta incident but the government should be too.

JUNED JAMSHED RELIGIOUS SCHOLAR said that we treat the blister but do not try to cure filthy blood. He said that first chaos takes lace and the bomb blasts. He said that when Allah wants to punish Muslims he takes away the fear of them from the hearts of the enemies of Islam.

He said that he condemns the terrorism thee people are not human being they live the life of their own choice. He said that the main problem of our country is that there is no rule of law in Pakistan. He said that in America they will not spare even their president if he violates the law. He said that the terrorists should be punished and hanged they have nothing to do with Islam.