28 October, 2016 06:32







AHSAN IQBAL OF PML-N said that Imran Khan has turned his party workers into a fighting group and he is coming to attack on Islamabad. He said that in the whole world no democratic country allows protests like PTI. He said that PTI is trying to have some unconstitutional action in then country.

He said that people like Asad Umer and Shah Mahmood Qureshi are kept in dark about the real plans of PTI Sheikh Rasheed and Imran Khan make all the plans between them. He said that the plan of Imran Khan is that neither he will play nor let anybody else play. He said that PTI is upset that PML-N has turned around the economy of the country and now they can not win the elections even in 2018.

He said that PTI agenda is not national but international. He said that PTI wants to give the world impression that Pakistan capital is vulnerable. He said that because of the dharna of PTI a chaotic situation like Middle East can happen in Pakistan. He said that in his opinion someone from PTI leaked the news to DAWN NEWS.

He said that if PTI will try to shut down Islamabad the government will take action according t the law and the constitution.

ASAD UMER OF PTI said that Ahsan Iqbal does a good political speech but does not answers the question he is asked. He said that people are being threatened that if they will print PTI [posters their press will be closed. He said that the owners of the guest houses are warned not to give accommodation to any PTI worker. He said that if any power takes extra constitutional action PTI will strongly oppose it.

He said that the economic situation of the country is worst than the time when PML-N took the power. He said that Ahsan Iqbal can have a separate program with him on economy and he will explain him the performance of the government. He said that right now Ahsan Iqbal should go and arrange the release of the release of illegally retained PTI workers. He said that the court has ordered this morning not to block the roads by putting containers there.

He said that who has friendship with Modi the whole nation knows it. He said that everybody knows that who is defaming the military and the agencies of Pakistan and who does not answers when India accuses Pakistan.

He said that Ch Nisar himself has said that two or three people are responsible for releasing the news to DAWN and they are not political personalities.

He said that the agriculture growth rate in last three years is in minus and industrial growth rate is stagnated on one number in last three years.

He said that the government tried to conduct a suicide attack on the democracy by closing down Lal Haveli of Sheikh Rasheed.

He said that PTI will protest within the limits of the constitution and nobody can stop them.