3 November, 2016 03:41









MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR OF PML-N said that Imran Khan announcement to shut down Islamabad was against the state and not against PML-N. He said that PML-N is running an advertisement in the media against PTI jalsa to give a message to the people. He said that PML-N is very happy that it has gotten the chance to prove its innocence in the SC.

He said that the government has taken some actions against the people whom names are in the Panama Leaks.

He said that we should not be disappointed judges know well that under which law they can hear the case of Panama Leaks.

He said that it is fact that people come to PTI jalsa in huge numbers and they are Pakistanis.

SAEED GHANI OF PPPP said that if add against PTI like PML-N is running would have been running by PPPP the court was going to take suo moto notice on it. He said that the government is confused and its advertisement on TV “Ehtsab Sirf PM Ka” is a sign of its fear. He said that the government is trying to influence the judges by running the advertisement. He said that the name of the PM will come up in the case of Panama Leaks because his family is involved in it. He said that the SC will face the problems in the case of Panama Leaks because it has no authority to get evidence from other country.

He said that NAB has done nothing about mega corruption cases and PBR is not ready to proceed in the case of the hotel of Mian Mansha.

He said that the government should move on from the issue of Panama Leaks and accept the four demands of Balawal.

FAISAL WADA OF PTI a large number of people have come to the jalsa of PTI the whole ground is full. He said that in last few days PTI workers are tortured women are beaten and even their clothes were torn. He said that the treat give to the CM of KPK was so bad that even a dictator never treated anybody like it.

RASHEED A RIZVI LAW EXPERT said that only one hearing has been conducted on Panama Leaks by the SC as yet. He said that we have to see whether the court will accept the TOR of the parties or will constitute its own TOR. He said that the SC can get help from any of the institution of the country regarding Panama Leaks. He said that the SC can proceed on the case of Panama Leaks under the article 185 of the constitution.