8 November, 2016 05:56








He said that PML-N was in frame of mind that the people will forget Panama Leak. He said that CJ gave the example of Hazrat Umer that a common man could ask him the question about his shirt. He said that PML-N is trying to run away from Panama Leak issue. He said that CJ asked NAB that why they have not taken notice of Panama Leak as yet. He said that like the decision on rigging he will accept the decision of the commission on Panama Leaks as well.

He said that Nawaz Sharif submitted in then court that he bought London flats in 2005 whereas he has demonstrated infront of them in 1998. He said that if it is proven in the court that Maryam Nawaz is the dependent of Nawaz Sharif or the flats were bought before 2005 the government will have to go.

He said that if he would have been afraid he was not going to stand infront of the corrupt big shorts Allah has freed him from the fear of the death. He said that his match was on 2nd of November and he told his workers that they should escape the arrest. He said that if the top leadership was arrested before 2nd of November how the workers were going to come out for protest. He said that the government raided the homes of the relatives of PTI workers to arrest them. He said that PTI was ready for torture on 2nd of November and their training was on in the lawn of Bani Gala that how they have to compete. He said that people are out on the streets against the corruption in Korea, Honduras and South Africa. He said that PTI did not break any law it was the government that broke the law and put PTI workers in Adyala jail. He said that we do not have knowledge that torturing is not allowed in the democracy it is used in the dictatorship. He said that the government first wrongfully stopped the KPK workers and then used tear gas against them. He said that PTI workers from KPK were ready to fight it could shed the blood that is why he told them to go back. He said that when he listened that the SC is read to adjudicate the case of Panama Leaks he thought he should save the people and go to the SC. He said that Pervez Khattak was tortured when he reached Punjab with PTI workers. He said that the top leadership of PTI is from Punjab otherwise an animosity was going to be created between Punjab and KPK.

He said that Raheel Sharif did not play any role in the current crises between PTI and the government.

He said that he is ready for accountability he is saying it for last seven months that he will offer himself to be tried under the same TOR as for Nawaz Sharif.

He said that he is in the opposition and it is his job to protest if the government breaks the law. He aid that if the institutions of the country were working he was not going to come on the streets to protest. He said that Double Shah (Khursheed Shah) Asif Ali Zardari and Fazal U Rehman will never like that the corruption should be caught. He said that when talk about the corruption it is said that people will do the accountability. He said that if he talks against the corruption they say that he is a troublemaker.

He said that Balawal is a child and he does not response to the children statements.

He said that Nawaz Sharif reads from the paper infront of Obama that “How are you” leaders do not act like it. He said that Nawaz Sharif should resign but he considers himself as he is the state.

He said that his struggle for last twenty years is for the sake of democracy.