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MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR OF PML-N said that the government and the people of Pakistan will always remember General Raheel Sharif. He said that General Raheel Sharif had he challenges infront of him when he took over but he faced them wonderfully.

He said that our military has a long history of interfering in the foreign policy but India and Afghan situation is the main reason behind it. He said that as the democracy is getting stronger the interference of the military is decreasing. He said that ever government tries to have good relationship with India PML-N tried the same but Modi did not responded positively. He said that the army chief went to Saudi Arabia and Iran along with the PM the relationship between them is not as sour as it is being portrayed.

He said that Amjad Shoaib comments give the impression that the PM has more faith in Indian agencies than the Pakistan. He said that the serving generals have no problem with the PM Amjad Shoaib is expressing his personal views. He said that the nature of accusations of General Amjad Shoaib is like ARY TV.

ANIS ADVOCATE OF PSP said that General Raheel Sharif rooted out the terrorism not only from Karachi but every part of the country where the menace existed despite of the hurdles created by the government. He said that General Raheel Sharif did not take the advantage of the opportunities came his way to take the power but the new army chief may not do so.

He said that PSP has distant itself from MQM and doing the politics above the ethnic prejudices. He said that Farooq Sattar distant himself from MQM but he can say it for sure that he is still directly in contact with Altaf Hussain.

GENERAL (R) AMJAD SHOIB DEFENSE ANALYST said that one thing should be clear that there is no threat form the military to the democracy. He said that this impression is wrong that the military is running the foreign policy of the country. He said that it was the parliament of Pakistan that decided that the Pakistan military will not go to Yemen. He said that Pakistan could have better relationship with Iran but because of the personal relationship of Nawaz Sharif with Saudi Arabia it could not happen.

He said that after the Pathankot attack the PM called Modi from Sri Lanka and assured him to investigate the attack. He said that what it means was that Nawaz Sharif accepted the responsibility of Pathankot attack even before India accused us for it and registered FIR of the case. He said that two days after the Pathankot attack Indian agency told their government that the attack was not carried out by Pakistan there is no evidence of it. He said that one Indian agency told a local TV in India that Pakistan is not involved in Pathankot attack and India government gave it a shut up call. He said that the PM did consult with the army before calling to Modi and also was not satisfied with the investigations of the Pakistani agencies. He said that India somehow has taken few people from Pakistan and uses them for their motives. He said that India was going to use some Pakistanis in India Gujrat for some terrorism but Pakistan agencies informed Indian government up front about it. He said that if Pakistani institutions were involved in terrorism in India why they would have informed Indian government about the terrorism. He said that same thing happened in the attack on Uri attack. He said that he takes full responsibility what he is saying.

He said that all senior generals have minor difference of ability and experience between them to be the next army chief of Pakistan. He said that if the PM will consult the current army chief he will give him his personal opinion on new army chief as well. He said that just seniority is not enough for the appointment of new army chief some times engineering core general is the most senior but he can not be appointed as army chief of Pakistan. He said that it was discussed during the tenure of Jahangir Karamat that the task to appoint new army chief should institutionalized but General Ali Quli Khan opposed it vigorously.

ZAHID HUSSAIN JOURNALIST said that General Raheel Sharif worked wonderfully well but only half of the job is done as yet. He said that the tasks like N Waziristan and Taliban are yet to be tackled. He said that whoever becomes the new army chief there will be minor difference between him and other senior generals.

QAMAR ZAMAN KAIRA OF PPPP said that both PPPP and PML-N tries to appoint army chief they could be comfortable with. He said that many times a junior officer is appointed as army chief but the decision did not pay off well. He said that the appointment of the army chief should be institutionalized instead of the PM enforce his decision on the institution. He said that nobody knew anything about General Raheel Sharif when he was appointed army chief but he proved to be the best army chief.

SANA ULLAH ABBASI OF CTD said that some people that died in Karachi airport attack were buried as unknown people. He said that the accusers arrested in the murder case of Amjad Sabri confessed that some of their relatives were involved in the attack on Karachi airport. He said that some local people from Karachi were also involved in the attack on Karachi airport. He said that the police now using a device to investigate the accusers and that is very accurate. He said that the CTD is not depending on the confession statement of the accusers or human investigation process but is relying on the machine. He said that the results of the device are beyond any doubt and human error. He said that CTD is also collecting the data of the people that have gone to Syria and