2 December, 2016 06:34







BARRISTER ZAFRULLAH OF PML-N said that he studied law and politics he can not make predictions. He said that PTI provided zero evidence in the court and PML-N will request to the court to hear the case on daily bases.

He said that the Bill PML-N has passed in the assembly there is no ill will behind it. He said that the opposition can give any suggestion to include in the bill the government will do so. He said that all the commissions were formed under the law of 1956 and the commission on East Pakistan was also formed under this law.

ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that PTI is also in favor that the court should hear Panama case on daily bases. He said that American say some words in routine and Donald Trump did the same but Nawaz Sharif tried to take the advantage of it. He said that the money is being sent to other countries from Pakistan for many years now Panama case should dealt to address this problem.

He said that on one hand the government is saying that they have toughen the laws in new bill but on the other hand are offering to make black money white by just paying three percent taxes.

SHAIQ USMANI RETIRED JUDGE said that we can do any transaction with a single click on computer these days. He said that many countries have made some areas to form off shore companies for then investors of other countries and they get benefit out of it. He said that Pakistan has to make new laws and render efforts to prevent the making of off shore companies. He said that the bill government has passed will create the doubts about the government. He said that we never get any result of the commissions the commission on Osama Bin Laden was very important but with no result.

SHAZIA MAREE OF PPPP said that if the government is not involved in the corruption they should have constituted TOR but they did not do so. She said that the government has forced to pass the new bill on the corruption in the assembly. She said that the government was in so hurry to pass the bill that they were begging the members to come in the parliament and vote in the favor. She said that new bill says that the government will decide the commission on the corruption. She said that the government said that they will s-wait for the decision of the court on Panama Leak then why they were in such a hurry to get it passed. She said that the government passed to bill to protect one family without consulting the opposition. She said that the way the bill is passed there is no doubt but it is for sure that the government is looking to escape. She said that if the government will make the commission and the government will deliver the verdict then how the justice will be done.

MOEED YOUSUF EXPERT ON AMERICAN AFFAIRS said that nothing significant is talked between Nawaz Sharif and Donald Trump the Pakistan government is misusing it.