7 December, 2016 05:56

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BARRISTER ZAFRULLAH OF PML-N said that PML-N wants SC to hear Panama case on daily bases. He said that PML-N believes that their lawyer will complete his arguments in one week.

He said that Rehman Malik report on panama gate is attached with the documents PTI submitted to the court and it has zero evidence. He said that Panama is the only case in which the plaintiff is unable to provide any evidence. He said that PML-N wants that there should be no commission constituted on Panama case. He said that it is true that PML-N and PPPP did nothing to improve NAB. He said that PML-N wants that all the political parties should help to pass a strong bill for accountability unanimously. He said that Maryam Nawaz pays her taxes she is not dependent on Nawaz Sharif.

SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI OF PTI said that Panama leak case is dragging since last seven or eight months it should be resolved sooner the whole cabinet is staying at SC. He said that by the change of the CJ the case can be delayed the bench of SC can be dissolved it should be decided as soon as possible. He said that Panama gate is an open and shut case there is no need to form a commission present bench can give the verdict.

He said that Imran Khan never concealed his off shore company he mentioned it everywhere. He said that people are still doubt that a decision from the SC will come on Panama gate case. He said that Sharif family lies in the parliament and infront of the people but are careful in the court.

SAEED GHANI OF PPPP said that the case of Panama gate is a difficult case for SC the decision should not be given in the hurry. He said that by making the three questions base of the SC can decide this case. He said that Naseer Ullah Baber has done the complete investigations of Panama case and has attached all the evidence with his documents. He said that Naseer Ullah Baber could not take action against Sharif family because they used to get orders from two judges to not to proceed on the case.

He said that NAB herself put one hundred and fifty cases of mega corruption infront of the SC but it has been one year gone but non action has been taken as yet. He said that NAB takes action against the vulnerable people and not against the powerful.

KAMRAN MURTAZA LAW EXPERT said that had NAB heard the case of Panama it was not going to be in the SC. He said that the role of NAB is dubious cases are pending since last ten years.