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SOHAIL KHAN FRIEDN OF JUNAID JAMSHED said that Saeed Anwar jamat was in Chitral and he along with Junaid decided to join them for forty days but could not do so because of the visit to America. He said that as long they stayed in Chitral it was very cold Junaid was very active and volunteered him for any work needed to be done. He said that Junaid said to him that this opportunity will not come again so do as much noble deeds as we could. He said that Chitral is a very difficult area but Junaid went everywhere we needed to go for preaching. He said that once Junaid quit showbiz he never went back despite of the fact that people put cheque book infront of him. He said that financially Junaid became so bad that he took his children off the school. He said that last time he recited the same famous Naat that “Khadim Tumhara Saeed Aa Raha Hey”. He said that Junaid had mike in his hand and audience infront of him but much better audience than his days in showbiz.

He said that Junaid never broke anybody heart and neither he talked bad about anybody behind his back. He said that Junaid never kept money for him he always donated whatever he had. He said that Junaid used to shake hand with the driver of the factory and other servants by moving forward towards them.

UMER SHARIF COMEDIAN said that Junaid left us in the beautiful month of Rabi Ul Awal the month Allah calls back his most beloved people. He said that the way Junaid transformed towards Islam at the peak of his career in showbiz it was the will of Allah, he was chosen.

He said that he will appeal to the people of Pakistan that they should forgive Junaid if he did anything wrong and he will invoke same to Allah. He said that Junaid used to be greeted by people in the gathering of Naat like a pious man of Allah.

FAAKHAR SINGER said that Junaid was a super duper mega star but was not arrogant at all. He said that he performed Hajj with Junaid, Inzamam Ul Haq and Molana Tariq Jameel.

He said that we have to make the people of this country a nation if we will not do s how can we move forward. He said that the jobs are given by references in our national air line this incident should be investigated.

FAKHAR-E-ALAM ARTIST said that when Junaid transformed from singing towards religion his stature increased. He said that Junaid will be an icon for the future generations. He said that thirty six crash incidents have been taken place of the plane like that crashed in Havalian. He said that he can tell right now that the onus of the responsibility of plane crash will be put on the pilot.

ALI ZAFAR ARTIST said that he first time saw Junaid on the stage his personality was very charismatic he thought that he can never be like him. He said that first he was inspired by Junaid as a super star but now as a very humble man. He said that he learned from Junaid that one day we have to answer to Allah about out deeds so we should good as much as we can.

ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that he is very happy that he is not invited to talk on politics today but love of Pakistan Junaid Jamshed. He said that he knew Junaid Jamshed for last twenty or twenty five years Allah gifted him very good voice. He said that he transformed from showbiz to religion and he was very modest. He said that there is no flight safety director in PIA they should have one.