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SABEEN THE AUNT OF NEHA THE SECOND WIFE OF JUNAID said that no matter how much we praise Junaid he was a special man of Allah that he bestowed for us. She said that Junaid was not from her family but after meeting him we realized what a man he was. She said that Neha father died when she was only ten years old. She said that Junaid never foregt his first wife children and everyone after he got married with Neha.

TAMOOR JAMSHED SON OF JUNAID JAMSHED said that everyone sees his father as role model but his father was the role model of the whole nation. He said that the way his father is honored he is thankful to the nation and the media.

SHAZIA MAREE OF PPPP said that Junaid was on the mission of preaching he is a martyred. She said that something should be ascribed after the name of Junaid Jamshed.

She said that the attitude of PML-N was better than yesterday in the parliament. She said that the government passed a new law on Panama in hurry but we rejected it in the senate. She said that PML-N says it was the lawyer that called the statement of the PM a political statement. She said that a lawyer that represent a person in the court actually become the person that hires him. She said that opposition motion of privilege was not on the case of Panama but on the statement of the PM that has been called a political statement. She said that calling the statement of the PM political is equal to a lie. She said that the privilege of the parliament and the parliamentarians was harmed by calling the statement of the PM political.

MOHAMMAD ZUBAIR OF PML-N said that there are not many people like Junaid Jamshed he touched the peak in everything he did in his life. He said that the way Junaid sacrificed fame and the money for a noble cause is examplary. He said that he will talk to his government to ascribe something after the name of Junaid Jamshed.

He said that the government tried to improve the law of 1956 that was called toothless. He said that Panama case is in the court and no law can be passed about it. He said that the lawyer of PML-N said in the court that the off shore company of Maryam Nawaz was registered verbally under the British law and the judge said that it is right.

ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that he specially came to Karachi to participate in the funeral procession of Junaid Jamshed and he did so as well. He said that the work of people like Edhi and Junaid is their actual legacy. He said that Juanid showed to the whole nation that how much a person can give up for his cause.

He said that the government presented a finance bill in the parliament and a law about off shore companies was also included secretly in it. He said that the opposition doubted the intention of inclusion of off shore companies in the bill and opposed it. He said that when the court asked the lawyer of the government that where the off shore company of Maryam Nawaz is registered he said that it is registered verbally. He said that Nawaz Sharif said in the court that he has all the document of Panama but his lawyer aid in the court that he has nothing.