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CH SHUJAT HUSSAIN OF PML-Q said that Zardari came back to Pakistan after one and half years he met with him and invited him to come to Islamabad. He said that Zardari told him that he will come to Islamabad the first week of the January. He said that he will negotiate the alliance of the opposition parties with Zardari once he comes to Islamabad. He said that the points to create an alliance will be decided in the meeting with Zardari. He said that Panama case is in the SC and the court will decide this case anyway. He said that Pindi waley are not political people that Zardari had to settle things with them before his arrival to Pakistan.

MAIZA HAMEED OF PML-N said that Benazir Bhutto was a great leader and PPPP workers have right to celebrate her anniversary. She said that PPPP is a political party that believes in the democracy and she hope that they will not come on the streets against the government.

She said that the head of accountability department of KPK was removed from his position because he named PTI people in the corruption. She said that PTI has no evidence on Panama. She said that PML-N lawyer was not given opportunity in the court to express his point of view in Panama case.

ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that there four demand of PPPP and he believes that they are genuine demands. He said that he is afraid that PPPP might be happy with the acceptance of few out of their four demands. He said that PPPP demand to have a foreign minister is a legitimate demand because there are so many problems because we do not have a foreign minister.

He said that the investigations of Benazir murder by UNO and Scotland Yard proven to be the wastage of time and money. He said that PPPP is accused for corruption and also they did not take the stand on Panama as it was accepted from them. He said that he presented a bill in the parliament against NAB’s law of pre bargain but nothing has been done about it as yet. He said that the government is trying to amend the law of NAB of its wishes because there is a clause in the law of NAB under which Nawaz Sharif must has to answer about Panama charges. He said that the pre bargain deal that NAB struck with the man from Balochistan washed out all the links because when there is corruption there is cover up as well.

NAHEED KHAN FORMER SECRATERY OF BENAZIR BHTTO said that the policy of Benazir was of ZA Bhutto and it was for the poor. She said that today PPPP is Zardari league he became the head of the party accidentally. She said that she never recognized Zardari as leader and never will be. She said that PPPP was a party of the whole country but Zardari has confined it to a province only. She said that Zardari has done such damage to PPPP that Zia Ul Haq was unable to inflict. She said that Zardari remained in the government as president for five years, PM was of his party and agencies were working under him but he did not start the investigations of BB murder. She said that the investigations of BB murder were never a priority for Zardari and it is not even now. She said that Balawal stated that he did not get the justice on the murder of his mother so how can a poor person but why he did not ask this question to his father. She said that if the murder of Benazir was an international conspiracy it was locally facilitated. She said that if the local are involved in the murder of BB it should be investigated that who those people are. She said that UNO team was invited after thirteen months of BB murder and the part about the crime details was excluded for the report. She said that it should be investigated that why the part of the UNO report that explained the details of the crime was removed. She said that if Bait Ullah Mahsood assassinated Benazir then who killed Bait Ullah Mahsood. She said that she met five times with the investigating team and told them all the details with honesty. She said that the Dopatta of Benazir was with Zardari and his family they should answer about it. She said that if the evidence from the crime scene was washed out the Musharaf should also be questioned. She said that Musharaf is not a man of special status that he cannot be questioned. She said that at the death anniversary of BB PPPP says that they will make special announcement they know about the murderers of BB but they hush after that.

QAMAR ZAMAN KAIRA OF PPPP there were some people involved in BB murder that were killed in the blast and some were facilitators they are in jail. He said that the people that washed out the evidence from the crime scene went to jail some are still there but some have been bailed out. He said that according to his information the investigations went up to Bait Ullah Mahsood but beyond that could not set chain of evidence. He said that all the high profile murder cases in the world are unresolved.

He said that a comprehensive bill on accountability was included in the 18th amendment during the government of PPPP but PML-N did not support us. He said that it is fact that the rulers powerful people and head of the institutions never let pass any bill of accountability against them. He said that his chairman has said that if the government will not accept his four demands PPPP will protest on the streets.

He said that the number of positions the government has changed on Panama there is nothing left to talk about it. He said that the bill PPPP has presented in the parliament no clear picture of Panama case can come out without it.