24 January, 2017 07:15









UMER CHEEMA JOURNALIST said that Minerva handles Sharif family companies Neilson and Neskon. He said that documents released by the German newspaper today prove the ownership of Maryam Nawaz in Panama case. He said that the documents released by the German newspaper are dated of 3rd of December 2005. He said that German newspaper also gave the details of the bank account of Maryam Nawaz if she would have been the trusty her account details were not going to be attached. He said that a loan has been taken from Douche Bank in the names of Nelson and Neskon and Sharif family has admitted the ownership of these companies. He said that there is another company named Cumber and it has the signatures of Maryam and Hussain Nawaz on it. He said that a loan of seventy million pounds was taken in the names of Nelson, Neskon and Cumber. He said that the signatures of Maryam Nawaz are the same everywhere but they say that they are fictitious. He said that original documents are required in the case of Panama Asif Zardari was freed in SGS Cotecna case because photo copies were presented instead of the authentic documents. He said that our institutions have to go for the authentication of the documents is it his duty to go and get the attested proof?

TALAL CH OF PML-N said that the German newspaper documents that are told as new evidence is the same that Imran Khan and Jahangir Tareen presented in their press conference. He said that Maryam Nawaz lawyer will tell in the court that which document is authentic and how much. He said that Maryam Nawaz is trustee and her documents will prove it. He said that today seventy five percent observations of the court were in the favor of Sharif family.

He said that there is a different way to address the public jalsa and Saad Rafiq was addressing a jalsa today.

ALI ZAIDI OF PTI said that Panama case is against one individual that is Nawaz Sharif why all the ministers are defending him and not doing their job. He said that he has only one question if BBC and ISIJ are wrong why Sharif family is not going to the court against them for defaming them. He said that Sharif family has not said about any document in Panama case so far that it is not true. He said that first they said that they will give the evidence in the court and now they are asking for immunity. He said that the real money trail of Sharif family is the affidavit of Ishaq Dar.

QAMAR ZAMAN KAIRA OF PPPP said that the observations of judges have no say in his eyes. He said that in the past there were many cases where the observations of the judges were different than their decisions. He said that the documents of Panama case might be true but it is on the court that which document they accept and which they do not. He said that the way Saad Rafiq talked today PML-N other leaders also have done so as well. He said that when NAB presented a list of the cases in which Nawaz Sharif name was also included they said that this institution defame people. He said that once SC summoned Nawaz Sharif they attacked on the court and the judged ran away to save their lives. He said that Saad Rafiq gave the message to the judges in his speech that are suppose to give the decision of Panama case.