7 February, 2017 07:13









CH SHUJAT HUSSAIN OF PML-Q said that he talked on different topics with Pervez Musharaf in Dubai and not just on one topic. He said that he discussed the issue of judiciary as well any decision can come on Panama case. He said that it is discussed with Musharaf that all Muslim Leagues should be united and Musharaf is deeply worried about the country. He said that Musharaf wants to be active in politics at national level he does not want to join MQM that will contain him to one province. He said that Panama case decision will decide the next elections and many other things. He said that he is not close to GHQ he only went their twice in his life.

ASAD UMER OF PTI said that PML-N always has objections on PTI jalsas in Punjab but they can have as many jalsas in KPK as they want. He said that PML-N is very critical about the language used in PTI jalsas against PML-N but they have used nasty language against PPPP and BB in the past. He said that he is sad on attack on Shokat Basra of PPPP and is sorry for those lost their lives. He said that if Musharaf joins MQM it will not suit him he was the president of the country it will lower his status. +

He said that PML-N should not target judiciary the court accepted the case of Panama for the accountability of Nawaz Sharif.

He said that Ch Nisar announced to get the result of DAWN Leaks inquiry result in four days but now it has been four months since he announced the inquiry. He said we all know who was involved in DAWN Leaks Fawad Ahmed Fawad name is also excluded possibly Tariq Fatimi and Pervez Rasheed will be made scapegoat. He said that DAWN Leaks news was ten times more serious than the news of the allotment of the land to General Raheel Sharif.

NEHAL HASHMI OF PML-N said that political parties keep holding jalsas and rallies he recently lead a rally in Karachi. He said that Imran Khan has been proven a liar in the accusations of thirty five punctures and his effort to involve Nawaz Sharif in Panama case.

He said that the owners of vital Tea attacked on Shokat Basra due to some personal reasons.

He said that DAWN Leaks news is exploited by the opponents of PML-N. He said that the decision on Panama Leaks will come against the wishes of PTI. He said that Nawaz Sharif name is not included in Panama case.

NADEEM AFZAL CHAN OF PPPP said that the firing on Shokat Basra was done by the brother of PML-N MPA his name is included in four schedules. He said that one out of five or six PPPP leaders that talk against PML-N is attacked. He said that the attackers were aiming to kill Shokat Basra but Allah saved his life the bullet hit him in the arm.

He said that normally heritage goes from grandfather to grandsons but in Sharif family it is otherwise.