15 February, 2017 05:59









TALAL CH OF PML-N said that the government resolve against terrorism gets stronger after every incident of terrorism. He said that the PM tries to reach all those people that are hit by terrorism if he could. He said that the provinces are most responsible to work on national action plan. He said that the protesters provided the opportunity for the incident of yesterday it is like going two hundred miles per hour on the road where speed limit is one hundred and expecting that the government will rescue them.

He said that the decision in apex committee are made unanimously and swiftly acted upon. He said that the actions of the government are speaking for its performance the whole world is acknowledging that terrorism has been reduced in Pakistan. He said that PML-N is in the favor of the continuity of the military courts for another two years.

He said that the CM of Punjab has bravely announced to retaliate against the terrorists. He said that the war against the terrorism is on and Insha Allah we will win this war.

SHAFQAT MAHMOOD OF PTI said that individual acts of the terrorism are hard to stop but overall improvement that was required to fight against terrorism is not there. He said that if NECTA is made vibrant and all the agencies are brought under its authority incidents like Lahore terrorism can be stopped. He said that we have about thirty intelligence agencies their information should be collected at one point. He said that we need to galvanize the support of the people against the terrorism but that has not been done. He said that the letter issued by the terrorists’ shows that even our parliament is not safe. He said that our management system is very weak and we need to bring reforms in order to have a long term solution against the terrorism.

SAEED GHANI OF PPPP said that we all have to fight the war against the terrorism together. He said that Ch Nisar disappears after every big incident of terrorism is he serious about his job or not? He said that we can improve the system of fight against the terrorism and can bring improvement in police but as long there will no will we cannot fight terrorism. He said that when PPPP started Swat operation PML-N opposed it. He said that army chief statement against terrorists is welcomed but the civil administration should give even stronger statement because that gives encouragement to the people. He said that if the PM cannot say something let Ch Nisar issue a statement he is good speaker.