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He said that Mullah Fazal Ullah is hiding in Afghanistan and Brahamdagh Bugti is also involved in terrorism in Pakistan and supported by Indian RAW. He said that the final of PSL was going to be played in Lahore, terrorist attack was an effort to hinder it. He said that Zarb-e-Azb is a successful operation but the terrorism has not been routed out yet.

He said that Punjab is the centre of sectarian violence and PML-N members are also involved in it. He said that the operations against the terrorism should not be half hearted and should not be left in the middle of the way. He said that Ayyan Ali was involved in money laundering many times and Dr Asim case is hanging in the air as well.

He said that we are confused about Hafiz Saeed he is not terrorist India is against him. He said that Hafiz Saeed is not terrorist it is India whom forces that are torturing Kashmiri people. He said that Hafiz Saeed should be set free they did wonderful volunteer work during the earthquake and is against Taliban. He said that Hafiz Saeed has diverted the youth towards the welfare works.

He said that Molana Masood Azhar is involved in terrorism in Pakistan and is responsible for assassination attack on him. He said India is mounting pressure on Pakistan through world that Hafiz Saeed is a terrorist and should be banned or the world will isolate us.

He said that DAWN Leaks news was leaked from inside to undermine the military.

He said that he has very good relationship with the military he served forty five years and led them as their commander for ten years. He said that the case against him under the article six is still there it is not over yet and the military will be sympathized with him on it.

He said that General Amjad was not the kind of person that he will take away the property record of Sharif family and neither will he do so. He said that PML-N and PPPP take power one after another and they are the one who burn the record when they are in power. He said that the whole world knows that our ambassador in London transferred the record during the government of PPPP. He said that it was the duty of the institutions to look through the cases against Sharif family he never interfered in these things.

He said that Nawaz Sharif signed the deal of ten years because of the interference of Saudi Arabia to free him. He said that Nawaz Sharif was not the state guest of Saudi Arabia he was just living there.

He said that when he was the president he used to work twenty four seven. He said that as long he was in the office he never got any benefit from anybody he should not be compared with others. He said that King Abdullah helped him in 2009 it is a private thing and he will not give the details of it. He said that the flat in London he bought from the money King Abdullah gifted him. He said that King
Abdullah was like a brother to him king used to smoke cigarette infront of him and he used to go inside his house. He said that king Abdullah called himself to him and took him inside Khana Kaaba. He said that during the Jumma prayer he was standing behind when king Abdullah called him forward. He said that he challenges to prove that he made any property when he was in power. He said that he was delivering lectures abroad and getting one hundred to one hundred twenty five thousand dollars per lecture.

He said that Pakistan is going down wards people are getting poor a third political power is needed at this time. He said that to fix Pakistan all Muslim leagues need to be united and Mohajirs should be under one flag. He said that Mohajirs consider him their leader and someone can ask the Mohajirs of Karachi that who they look at him. He said that if the current leadership of Mohajirs will have the stature of their personalities they will unite the Mohajirs otherwise they will keep scattered. He said that he should be given permission withdraw cases against him let him address the jalsas he will show what he is capable of. He said that he is ready to face cases but the judiciary is under the influence of the government. He said that Justice Iftikhar Ch was involved in politics and had his own agenda.

He said that the argument is vague that there is no proof against Sharif family in Panama case proof is there they should be caught.