28 February, 2017 06:54










He said that there are two components of war against terrorism in Pakistan one is military and other is political. He said that the military has done its part but the political side has done nothing. He said that after the operation Zarb-e-Azb the PM was supposed to provide the leadership and NAP was needed to be followed.

He said that the tribal areas should be merged into KPK. He said that the terrorist can also go back when the people of tribal are will be repatriated. He said that the tribal areas have been completely destroyed houses have been demolished and cattle have been killed. He said that read Qazi Isa report NAP has not been followed at all. He said that people of Pakistan are bleeding on the hands of the terrorists and Nawaz Sharif is on the visit of Turkey. He said that Nawaz Sharif only care about the interest of his family business. He said that when Nawaz Sharif went to India to attend the oath ceremony of Modi he took his son with him. He said that he met with India business tycoon along with his son to discuss his family business deal. He said that Modi is blaming Pakistan for train accident and Nawaz Sharif is talking about the trade with India. He said that the Indian government and their security institutions are threatening Pakistan that they will create chaos in Pakistan.

He said that the government is taking billions of dollars loans and the country is heading towards a stage they the world will say to roll back our nuclear program to right off our debts.

He said that it will be insane to have the final of PSL in Lahore by shutting down the whole city and roads blocked. He said that it will do no good to Pakistan cricket. He said that one more terrorist act during the final of PSL will put more pressure on Pakistan.

He said that PTI will accept the SC decision on Panama case but now Pakistan is going to change about corruption. He said that ask anyone he will say that Nawaz Sharif is guilty in Panama case but are afraid to give decision against them. He said that Sharif family brings those people in the institutions that are loyal to them. He said that the person that has given written statement that Nawaz Sharif was involved in money laundering has been appointed the finance minister of Pakistan by Nawaz Sharif. He said that only the military and judiciary are two institutions that are spared by him. He said that corruption allegations are put only to politically damage each other once they get the power they do nothing about it. He said that there is a case against him in the Sc about his off shore company if any lie proves against him he will resign from the politics right there. He said that there are so many lies of Nawaz Sharif and his family that it is a complete tale of the lies. He said that there is punishment on corruption in cricket but Nawaz Sharif lies on the floor of the house and nothing is done against him. He said that the government is taking loans and Pakistanis have bought rupees eight hundred billion properties in Dubai. He said that PTI will get fully prepared this time for the elections last time they were not completely prepared. He said that PTI was going to win last elections as well if the rigging was done. He said that he thinks that the decision on Panama case will be delivered this week.

He said that whatever will be the decision on Panama case but he has no intention to get married third time. Her said that man makes his plans but Allah has his own so far he is not thinking about getting married anymore.

He said that Punjab police is arresting Pakhtoons ever since the operation against terrorists has begun and then release them by taking bribes from them. He said that arresting Pakhtoons in Punjab is very dangerous gesture India is already creating troubles in Pakistan.

He said that Islam spread everywhere after the death of the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) not with might but the good behavior of the Muslim traders.

He said that when the PM of the country is corrupt there will be corruption in cricket as well. He said that Najam Sethi that fixed the last elections has been appointed as the head of PCB so how the fixing in cricket can be controlled.