10 March, 2017 05:50









He said that three points PPPP out of nine have been reached to a decision. He said that PPPP has agreed on the extension of the military courts for two years. He said that PPPP has also withdrawn from the demand of session judge to be seated in the military court along with the military officer. He said that other six demands of PPPP are under consideration. He said that a constitutional amendment for the extension of military courts will be presented in the parliament tomorrow. He said that JUI opposing the extension of the military courts is their democratic right. He said that he will do his upmost to bring a unanimous resolution in the parliament for the extension of the military courts along with JUI.

He said that a new judicial system is going to be launched against terrorism in the country. He said that a monitoring committee is going to be formed to watch National Action Plan progress. He said that the government decided to close down Afghan border last week in a meeting with the military brass. He said that Pakistan has handed over o list of seventy six terrorists to Afghanistan with complete evidence. He said that peace in Afghanistan and Pakistan is interconnected.

He said that foreign ministry is working on the release of the culprits by court who burnt Samjhota Express in India and will respond to it.

He said that our intelligence agencies should make sure that the important news like DAWN news should not be leaked. He said that hopefully the report will be out on DAWN Leaks in one or two weeks.

He said that it is Saudi desire that General Raheel should appointed the head of the Islamic force and the government will take a decision on principles on this matter. He said that there is nothing wrong in giving the permission to General Raheel to head Islamic force it will be granted.

He said that the government has asked Swiss government to share the information on bank accounts in their country and they are ready to work with Pakistan.

He said that Nawaz Sharif name in not in Panama case there is no need of contingency. He said that the courts make their decisions on justice and not on anybody wishes.

He said that American report of money laundering of ten billion dollars from Pakistan is in broader sense. He said that the government is going to change the law to take the money abroad.

He said that lets be done with the issue of the extension of military courts the government will work on electoral reforms.