21 March, 2017 06:03









SHAH MAHMOOD QURESHI OF PTI said that there was an opinion of the people about NAB but now even SC has said that it is dead institution. He said that people have lost their trust on NAB they think that it is not possible in Pakistan. He said that the law does not react if a powerful commits crime NAB has been used for witch hunting as well. He said that the people of Sindh know Sharjeel Memon they will testify that his economic condition has been changed as compare to the past.

He said that military courts are not a likeable thing in a democratic society. He said that there are three justice systems running parallel to each other in Pakistan right now. He said that people do not trust their institutions and it is very dangerous inclination. He said that white color crime is not caught in Pakistan and the capability to catch is also lacking. He said that Murad Ali shah statement that he will kick the institutions out of the Sindh province is against the policy of PPPP. He said that there was a case against the one MNA of PML-N of fake degree after adjudicating three and half years the court said that this case should have gone to ECP.

IMTIAZ SHEIKH OF PPPP said that NAB is may be dead for other people but not for PPPP many of the party worker are in jails. He said that NAB has even challenged the protective bail of Sharjeel Memon. He said that Sharjeel Memon has his own business in Dubai even before he joined politics. He said that nobody has accused Sharjeel Memon for the corruption of ninety billion rupees it is wrong allegation. He said that he was also politically victimized Arbab Ghulam Raheem filed eleven cases against him one of them was of mobile snatching.

NIHAL HASHMI OF PML-N said that it is not PML-N Sindh high court is saying that Sharjeel Memon is accused for the corruption of ninety billion rupees. He said that PPPP own people are saying that Sharjeel Memon is the king of corruption. He said that there are two laws in Pakistan one for those sitting in the government and other for common people. He said that if PPPP leaders will do corruption they will have to run abroad. He said that we have become so weak in our belief that we want to keep our institution weak as well so they could not catch our corruption.

FAISAL SABZWARI OF MQM said that if 22nd of August speech of Altaf Hussain were delivered on the suggestion of Dr Farooq Sattar a case would have been registered against him. He said that cases have been registered against the people were listening the speech. He said that PPPP government is showing they have spent one thousand billion rupees on the welfare of the people. He said that if such a huge amount would have spent on the welfare of the people their condition was going to be changed.