24 March, 2017 06:38










FORMER TEST CRICKETER MOHSIN HASAN KHAN said that the chairman PCB and head of PSL are saying that they have evidence against the players of spot fixing then what the investigation all about is. He said that he said in a press conference three years ago to act upon Justice Qayyum report otherwise Pakistan cricket will suffer huge damages.

He said that some people try to protect players involved in spot fixing to protect themselves.

AMIR SOHAIL FORMER CAPTAIN PAKISTAN CRICKET TEAM said that had we not covered up the corruption in the past we were not going to see this menace again. He said that Imran Khan and Javed Miandad patronized wonderful teams but instead of winning matches we got involved in the greed of money. He said that Sarfraz Nawaz stated that Najam Sethi met with some people in India before the world cup but this matter is not investigated.

He said that Pakistan has become the heaven of illegal activities in the world because we do not have any governance in the country. He said that cronies are imposed on cricket board. He said that cricket board official’s activities should also be monitored that what they are involved in. He said that as much criticism is being done on Najam Sethi if he has no personal interest he should have resigned.

SAEED AJMAL TEST CRICKETER said that the players were given lecture on corruption and fifteen minutes later they met with the bookies it is lamenting. He said that everybody was so excited about Sharjeel Khan that Pakistan got an aggressive opening batsman but he sold the country for small amount of money. He said that the players that sold the honor of the country should be ashamed of themselves. He said that the team worked hard for five years to restore the good name of Pakistan cricket team in the world but some players have ruined it again. He said that when Pakistan team used to play in the ground people used to taunt the tem calling them fixers. He said that the officials of the whole board of cricket go to Dubai and each team has about twenty to twenty five people why we need all these people with the team. He said that ex cricket players that have served the country should be given responsibilities in the cricket board.

JAVED MIANDAD FORMER CAPTAIN PAKISTAN CRICKET TEAM said that the corruption in cricket is going on for long time and everybody knows it. He said that whoever is involved in corruption in cricket should be banned and they should be terminated from their jobs. He said that Najam Sethi is trying to protect the players involved in spot fixing. He said that spot fixing is going on in our domestic cricket as well this evil has penetrated all the way to the bottom. He said that why players like Majid Khan, Zaheer Abbas and Sadiq Mohammad are not the part of the PSL. He said that cricket board appoints foreign players in PSL because they know they will keep their mouth shut. He said that why the players those have served Pakistan a lot are not the part of PSL?