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He said that the government has happily issued NOC to Raheel Sharif because Pakistan has very good relationship with Saudi Arabia. He said that when Nawaz Sharif went to visit Saudi Arabia their government expressed their desire to hire Raheel Sharif as head of Islamic force. He said that later when Raheel Sharif went for Umra the Saudi government asked him to lead Islamic force and did same when he went there as well. He said that General Raheel will be the part of Saudi alliance now and he will be on their pay roll now on. He said that out military will not interfere in Yemen. He said that Pakistan will definitely address the apprehensions of Iran on Raheel Sharif regarding his assignment as the head of the Islamic military. He said that Pakistan military will play n other roll but to protect Harman -Sharifan there are twelve hundred Pakistani soldiers in Saudi Arabia even at this moment. He said that Pakistan has wonderful relationship with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain from last over forty years of the time. He said that Pakistan gives training to Saudi and other friendly countries soldiers and chief of their army staff as well. He said that 2.6 million Pakistani people are working in Saudi Arabia.

He said that it will be in the best interest of Pakistan if Muslim countries will invest in our defense program and they are showing interest in this regard. He said that Pakistan displayed a missile on 23rd of March that ranging about 2500 KM is a great achievement we should be proud of it.

He said that according to his information Imran Khan has requested to army chief since long time to have a meeting with him. He said that he is not aware of the agenda of the meeting of Imran Khan with the army chief. He said that there is no tradition in Pakistan to record the minutes of the meetings. He said that debates about the civil military relationship are over in Pakistan now they should not be discussed anymore.

He said that General Kayani got extension on his desire people pursue their desires till they see their graves. He said that there was an opinion within PML-N to give extension to General Raheel but Nawaz Sharif was firm that he will not do so.

He said that media should play its role to let people know about the performance of the government he has to pay to the media in order to highlight his performance. He said that media has to play its role to strengthen the institutions in Pakistan.

He said that he has no information on NEWS LEAKS but he thinks that this thing is over now.

He said that PPPP has not developed any understanding with anybody this impression is not right.

He said that PTI Naeem Ul Haq statement that America and Saudi Arabia helped Nawaz Sharif to get the government with the collaboration of General Kayani is not worth of comments.

He said that Pervez Musharaf political ambitions are over in Pakistan he must understand it.

He said that the short fall of electricity in the country is more than 2300 at this moment. He said that some power generating plants are closed for overhauling and hydro power growth has been decreased.

He said that the government will try that load shedding should not increase more than three hours in urban areas and five in rural areas.