13 April, 2017 05:47










ZAHID HUSSAIN JOURNALIST said that the law should be equal for everybody whoever is arrested should be dealt according to the law. He said that Uzair Baloch was freed by the court but the military arrested his it could have its repercussions. He said that there is a long charge sheet of murders against Uzair Baloch but he is set free. He said that PPPP own leaders told him the stories of the corruption of Sharjeel Memon but he was crowned when he came back to Pakistan. He said that millions of rupees are confiscated from the homes of the people but nothing is done against them the corrupt is beyond the reach of the law in Pakistan. He said that people are accused but they are not punished it means that the whole system is corrupt. He said that Hamid Saeed Kazmi was sentenced sixteen years jail, read the report of the prosecution of evidence against him but he is set free. He said that former PM Yousuf Raza Gillani son’s name was also in the case of Hajj corruption, Hanif Abbasi name was in the case of ephedrine but nothing happened against them. He said that the government failed to provide money trail in the case of Panama. He said that Panama case has done enough damage to PML-N government. He said that the decision of Panama case is delayed because judges will take time to be unanimous on the decision. He said that Qatari prince letter is dubious because it does not prove the facts.

ARIF ALVI OF PTI said that the national felons are released by the virtue of understanding is disturbing. He said that in the cases of Dr Asim and Sharjeel Memon the prosecution did not pushed hard enough. He said that in the case of Uzair Baloch the prosecution said that they have no objection so he got the bail. He said that Dr Asim was accused for the corruption of rupees 482 billion but he is let go is it a TV drama.

He said that the decision on Panama case will come soon and it will be very clear.

ZAEEM QADRI OF PML-N said that the prosecution acted the way it should have in the cases of the people bailed out may be there was not enough evidence against them. He said that if the military has picked up Uzair Baloch they will clarify their position this case will not go unnoticed.

He said that Nawaz Sharif name is not in the case of Panama. He said that PML-N will accept any decision on Panama and will abide by it.

SHARMEELA FAROOQI OF PPPP said that PPPP is tired of giving clarifications that their pictures with Uzair Baloch are of the time when he present at a dinner arranged by PPPP MPA Sania Naz. She said that as much she knows Faryal Talpur went to Layari but she never went to the house of Uzair Baloch. She said that if someone is invited at a dinner and a person comes there that do not belong to him it is not his fault. She said that PPPP was protesting on the arrest of Dr Asim from day one, Ch Nisar said that he has the evidence against him then why he did not present it.

She said that a judge on the panel of Panama case has said that the verdict will be such that people will remember it for centuries. She said that there is clear evidence against Sharif family in Panama case their statements are not consistent.