14 April, 2017 06:13









ALIM SHINWARI DIG MARDAN said that about five hundred students of Wali Khan University attacked one fellow student and he died at the spot. He said that the police has taken the dead body in it custody many students have been arrested and more arrests will be made. He said that the students tried to burn the dead body of the deceased but police reached at the scene. He said that the cause of the death is not clear as yet but it seems like the case of blasphemy.

NAEEM UL HAQ OF PTI said that justice is the soul of Islam no injustice should be done to anybody.

He said that the timing of the death sentence to Kalbhoshan Yadev is very important India is denying having talks with Pakistan. He said that Pakistan always tried to have dialogues with India but BJP government is avoiding it. He said that the ratio of casting votes in the elections of Kashmir was just six to seven [percent which is the lowest in the history. He said that core commanders gave a very important statement today it will convey the tough message to India. He said that India terrorists are involved in the terrorism in Pakistan especially Karachi, KPK and Balochistan.

He said that PTI policy is very clear that why Shia countries are not included in Saudi alliance. He said that PTI also want to know that the motive of the Islamic force will be the freedom of Palestine after uprooting ISIS or not. He said that Pakistan should stay neutral in the war between Saudi Arabia and Yemen. He said that going of Raheel Sharif as the head of Islamic force is not the problem but PTI questions should be answered to decide its policy.

He said that former Pakistani colonel has been picked from Nepal and all the signals are directing towards RAW. He said that India is using Iran and Afghanistan against Pakistan infect Indians are working in the Afghan intelligence agency. He said that the capturing of Kalbhoshan Yadev is a slap on the Indian face.

He said that the cases in Pakistan do face complications our legal system is very weak.

HAMID SAEED KAZMI OF PPPP said that when he was the minister of religious affairs foreign ambassadors used to tell him to abolish blasphemy law saying that it is promoting extremism. He said that he used to tell foreign ambassadors that blasphemy law is a check posts anybody that will violate it will be arrested. He said that we must have law against blasphemy but will devalue it by taking it in our own hands. He said that if someone commits blasphemy before the people take the matter in their hands the government should act sternly.

He said that his personal opinion and his party line is that there should be no understanding with India on the punishment of Kalbhoshan Yadev. He said that had Nawaz Sharif talked about Kalbhoshan Yadev in the UNO India was never going to be on the front foot on this issue.

He said that he was saying from inception that there is no witness or proof against him for the punishment of sixteen years in jail. He said that he has filed a case against Azam Swati for going to the court against him in Hajj scandal but there is no progress in last six years. He said that Saudi prince Bandar wrote a letter to him to investigate some people were involved in corruption. He said that someone deleted his name form the letter of prince Bandar and marked it to Justice Ch Iftikhar.
MOSADIQ MALIK OF PML-N said that the laws against blasphemy in Pakistan are very tough but we must stop someone when he is ready to take the life of somebody.

He said that the PM and the top leadership only give policy statement with dignity. He said that the PM does not need to take the name of Kalbhoshan Yadev.

He said that the judicial system in Pakistan is improving one PM has presented himself for accountability and another was sent home by the court.