18 May, 2017 06:44







RANA SANA ULLAH OF PML-N said that the footage of the PML-N protests during the government of PPPP shown by Nadeem Malik is his bias against his party. He said that today load shedding is fifty percent less as compare to the past. He said that many power plants are under construction and soon the problem of load shedding will be overcome.

He said except for some cities where people do not pay their bills the duration of load shedding in Sindh and Punjab is equal.

He said that to prevent incidents like narcotics found on the flight of PIA is privatization of the carrier.

NABEEL GABOL OF PPPP said that Rana Sana Ullah is a Mola Jatt type minister of Punjab that threatens TV anchors on the phone. He said that PML-N used to criticize PPPP for rental power projects but is going to do the same herself. He said that Rana Sana Ullah telling the lies the load shedding in Sindh prolongs up to twenty hours. He said that Rana Sana Ullah wins the elections for Shahbaz Sharif in Punjab by panhandling and patronizes banned outfits.

He said that as a Pakistani he is ashamed that heroin is found in the flight of PIA. He said that what if the person put the heroin had put a bomb in the flight four hundred passengers were on board. He said that the ground staff of PIA is involved in putting the heroin in the flight. He said that he got the impression from Rana Sana Ullah comments that the government is responsible for putting the heroin in the flight so that they could privatize PIA.

ARIF AVLI OF PTI said that the government should be hold responsible from PM to other ministers in the corruption of Nandipur project. He said that the short fall of the electricity will increase next year. He said that the government was in so much hurry in paying the circular debt for the interest of the kick backs. He said that the auditor general said that some payments were made on photo copies of the bills. He said that the auditor general was removed from his post after his statement. He said that now the government will try to cover the short fall of the power by taking loans. He said that whenever demand is made to provide the electricity to Sindh the government says that the province is involved in the theft of the electricity. He said that Sahiwal coal plant would have been set in Sindh and a transmission line could have built. He said that the coal will be imported from other countries and will be transported to Sahiwal that will cause pollution.

He said that there is never any inquiry held if a plane crashes and four passengers travelled to Madina standing in one of the PIA flight. He questioned that PIA is an air or bus service where people travel standing on the flights. He said that the government should admit that it is unable to manage PIA and other institutions. He said that privatization is no solution of the problems of PIA.