1 June, 2017 07:17







AETZAZ AHSAN OF PPPP said that PML-N can cross al the limits to protect themselves in Panama case. He said that PPPP allots the tickets of senate to those who struggled for the party. He said that PML-N gives the tickets of senate to judges and generals. He said that if a case is registered against PML-N they try to buy the time and use delaying tactics. He said that he saying it from day one that JIT cannot do the accountability of Nawaz Sharif. He said that Nihal Hashmi was speaking the mind of Nawaz Sharif.

He said that in his opinion the news that SC registrar made whatsup call is a fabricated story. He said that the last resort of Sharif family is that they touch your feet when they are in trouble but as they consolidate they hold your throat. He said that termination will not cost to Nihal Hashmi he will be appointed as governor or president later. He said that PML-N is claiming that they are giving the answers of three generation whereas they have not produced a single document as yet. He said that Nawaz Sharif himself will himself appear infront of the court with great modesty and then for next five years they will beat the drum of justice.

He said that SC registrar has no authority and courage to make a call himself to pick someone for JIT. He said that if he had called someone it must be with the instructions of the CJ of Pakistan. He said that the accusation of Whatsup call is to pressurize the judges. He said that SC should form a full bench to investigate the matter.

He said that as Sharif family has accepted the ownership of the London property Panama case should only have taken four days and on fifth its decision should have come. He said that if Sharif family had the money trail they had presented by now.

He said that even if Dar gave his statement in Hudabia case under pressure the checks he has attached can be verified. He said that Rehman Malik collected all the evidence in Hudabia paper mill case but then PPPP government was changed.

He said that the SC judges will be lenient with Nihal Hashmi when he will appear before the court.

MARYYAM ORANGZEB OF PML-N said that she said in the morning that PML-N has nothing to do with the statement of Nihal Hashmi. She said that Nawaz Sharif took the resignation of Nihal Hashmi and cancelled his basic membership of the party. She said that Nihal Hashmi statement is not a conspiracy.