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CRICKETER FAKHAR ZAMAN said that he joined Navy in 2007 but then he quit to play cricket. He said that he debut against world number one team South Africa and was under pressure. He said that the opponent bowlers are not aware of his weaknesses and kept bowling him on his stronger point. He said that he was not feeling well before the final but physio of the team spent three hours with his and by the next morning he was feeling well. He said that in the beginning Indian bowlers were bowling according to a pan but he did not take any risk was patient. He said that when he learnt that the bowl he got out was a no ball he was very happy. He said that he is running a cricket academy as well and about seventy lads play there. He said that some under sixteen players have been produced from his academy. He said that Sharjeel Khan from Pakistan and Adam Gilchrest of Australia are his favorite players.

CRICKETER SHADAB KHAN said that he is very happy that he is the part of the team that has become the champion. He said that Youraj Singh is one of the best batsmen in the world and he was very happy to get his wicket. He said that Ajit Mishra is his favorite player but he does not play much of the cricket. He said that he was under pressure before the first match against India but later on he was normal. He said five new players were playing against India in the first match they were bit nervous and fate was not favoring either. He said that he will like to serve Pakistan for long time and become the number one bowler in the world.

FORMER CAPTAIN AND CHIEF SELECTOR PAKISTAN CRICKET TEAM INZAMAM UL HAQ said that he thanks all mighty Allah for the victory of Pakistan cricket team. He said that Fakhar Zaman and Shadab Khan were benefited by PSL cricket tournament. He said that we have no shortage of talent we need to improve our domestic system. He said that we do not have any al rounder like Azhar Mahmood and Abdul Razzaq in the team that could bat at number seven. He said that he is doing his best to rank Pakistan number one team in the world. He said that the sign of great player is to make a comeback from bad situation and he sees this characteristic in Shadab Khan. He said that Shadab Khan has lot of spin in his fingers and his gugly is very sharp. He said that Pakistan bowling has been improved a lot because of the efforts of Azhar Mahmood.