29 June, 2017 14:05










TALAL CH OF PML-N said that there are apprehensions about JIT some are raised by PML-N and some by free media. He said that JIT has accepted the leakage of the picture issue. He said that JIT could not prove the non cooperation of the institutions. He said that JIT said that they learned about the activities of Tariq Shafi through technical means. He questioned what those technical means are? He said that he called JIT the shop of the butcher because it is forcing people to take their statements back and become the approver. He said that PML-N has demanded to play the videos of the witnesses but the court has turned it down. He said that the court should monitor whether JIT formation and investigations are going on according to its orders or not.

JAHANGIR TAREEN OF PTI said that giving a sectarian touch to Parachanar incident is very dangerous. He said that PTI local leadership showed solidarity in the difficult times of the people of Parachanar. He said that main leadership of PTI should also go to Parachanar and they will do so. He said that in the incident of Ahmedpur Sharqia the fire was on for forty five minutes but police did not reach to the location. He said that Nawaz Sharif is building metro bus and train but not the burn centers in the country. He said that PML-N builds mega projects for the sake of the commission. He said that two hundred and fifty billion rupees are being spent of Orange train we could fix all the schools and hospitals with such a huge amount. He said that Sharif family only has produces a Qatari letter in their defense and that is nothing but a joke. He said that the court has stated that if the Qatari prince does not appears in the court his letter will be worthless. He said the way PML-N leaders shout outside the JIT it tells that they have no answer of any question. He said that Nawaz Sharif made money through corruption as CM and PM and established companies in other countries in the names of his children. He said that the real owner of the property outside the country is Nawaz Sharif.