18 July, 2017 06:47









KHURRUM DASTGIR KHAN OF PML-N said that every page of JIT report is stained with grudge, prejudice and unlawful. He said that the SC has said many times that JIT cannot give decision the case will be decided by the court. He said that the documents obtained by JIT through legal or illegal means are not confronted to the witnesses. He said that JIT massively crossed its authority. He said that having free trial is the right of PML-N. He said that in house change and fresh mandate both options are open for PML-N.

NAYYAR BUKHARI OF PPPP said that mutual legal assistance is common between the two countries and it is court to decide the authenticity of the documents. He said that JIT proceedings should be disclosed t the nation so that they could know what was the question and answer. He said that the onus of the proof is on Sharif family and they have not done so as yet. He said that the documents presented by the Sharif family in the court are forged. He said that Panama case is now the matter of few days. He said that there are two options now in Panama case one disqualification and other trial in the court. He said that PML-N leaders keep repeating the argument that Nawaz Sharif and his children presented themselves for accountability; they have not done any favor to anybody. He said that PML-N calls Imran Khan an absconder and Banigala is not far from Islamabad they should go to arrest him.

CH SARWAR OF PTI said that first PML-N was happy on the formation of JIT but now they are objecting on it. He said that UAE justice department has said that they have no record of gulf steel mill transactions. He said that British Virgin Island has confirmed that Maryam Nawaz is the owner of NELSON and NESCON and court can verify their documents. He said that if JIT documents submitted to the court are fake PML-N should challenge them. He said that if JIT has crossed its limits they should not be intimidated but challenged in the court. He said that the Sc has ordered to register the case against the chairman of SECP for tampering the documents but the government has not suspended him as yet. He said that had PM contested Panama case by bringing in house change it was going to raise his stature.